We are a boutique studio based in Poland, focused on creating high-end architectural and product visualisations. Driven by pure passion for creation, architecture and photography, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve our skills and get closer to a perfectly realistic virtual image. Our team ponders non-trivial, original ways to create the image of each project and highlight its beauty by showing it in its best light. We have an architectural background which helps us understand the sense of the project and the quality of space.

Over its couple of years long history, BLOK has gained a lot of experience working with clients from all over the world. We understand that each project is different and it is crucial to take an individual approach to every single challenge. Passionate photographers of the virtual world, as we are, we focus on pushing the boundaries of the attainable realism of our images and adding some artistic and unique factor to them. Our Clients’ satisfaction is the driving force behind the quality of our visualisations.